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Thalia Estate contains a big amount of rooms and features. Every room of the property offers a luxury feeling to the accommodates and is extremely well equipped. The nice gardens alongside with the private pool and the beach are making Thalia Estate the ideal destination for unforgettable vacations.

Thalia's Living Rooms

Thalia estate contains 3 living rooms, 1 at the villa and 2 at the bungalows. All of them are fully furnished with sofas and chairs. Moreover, there are flat-screen TVs and DVD players and fireplaces for each one of them.

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    The 3 living rooms of Thalia Estate can relax up to 12 persons.

Thalia's Kitchens

Thalia Estate contains 3 independent kitchens, 1 at the main villa and 2 at the bungalows.

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    Fully Equipped

    Each one of Thalia's kitchens is well-equipped, containing fridges, cookers, coffee-makers and everything else that a visitor might need.

Thalia's Bedrooms

Thalia features 6 bedrooms in total, 2 at the main villa and 2 in each bungalow. The 3 of them are double and the rest are twins.

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    2 up to 12 accommodates

    Thalia Estate can sleep in total up to 12 persons.

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    Additional Accommodates

    The capacity of the property can be extended to 16 accommodates by charging an extra fee.

Thalia's Bathrooms

Thalia Estate features 4 bathrooms, 2 of them are located at the main villa and the rest, at the bungalows.

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    Full-Size Bathroom

    The main villa features a big family bathroom with bathtub.

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    Luxury Feel

    Each shower room of the bungalow, offers a luxurious feeling due to the artistic touch of the owner.


Thalia Estate consists of the main villa and 2 bungalows.

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    3 Stone-Made Buildings

    Every building of Thalia Estate is made with stone and wood which fits perfect with the nature of the location and the surrounding olive trees.

Swimming Pool

Thalia Estate features a big swimming pool surrounded by nice gardens and sun-beds.

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    Relaxation is the most important reason for holidays. Thalia's pool is a strong feature that will relax every guest not only during the day, but also at night where its lights can be opened.

Private Gardens

Thalia's private gardens are an extra piece of nature inside the property's area.

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    Trees & Plants

    The location of Thalia Estate is already at the heart of nature, surrounded by olive trees. But except that, a private well-kept garden with nice decorations will extend the nature-feeling even more.

Thalia Estate features a beach, only a few metres away.

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    Relaxation at the Beach

    Thalia Estate, except the swimming pool, has a private road to a magnificent, quiet beach which is only metres away from the property. The beach is semi-private as long as it can be used from another neighbour villa.